Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Beginning Blogging

I feel like on a certain level it doesn't make sense to put too much time or effort into an introduction post, but after years of schooling and writing I'd feel terribly improper to just dive into content.  Unfortunately, I've never been exceptionally good at the whole introduction part as I tend to either get ahead of myself or babble on without any truly useful information as seems to be the case now.  To try to prevent this from getting too much worse, I'll just hit the big main points and allow other posts to speak for themselves.

What Is This Blog?

Culture Loot is a blog dedicated to the hobby of tabletop role-playing gaming.  Specifically my intention is to post (likely on a weekly basis) a good chunk of rpg content that is a healthy mix of fluff and crunch.  The idea is that these chunks will have a general thematic discussion (for example my upcoming Dwarven Traditions post) complete with direct application to character building ideas, some relevant feat/spell/item, and an encounter description.  I'm not entirely certain I'll be able to live up to this promise, but that's the goal at least.

Who Are You?

I am a graduate psychology student that has been playing pen and paper games for a bit over a decade.  I started out on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 as a DM and have since had the chance to play on both sides of the screen.  DMing is what I enjoy most, but I unfortunately don't have the time to run every game or idea that I would like to.  In a sense, that is part of the motivation for this blog.  This way I can build on ideas that I've got in my head without needing to work them directly into one more game in an already hectic schedule.

What Do You Play?

At the moment, I am playing in two games and DMing another.  There are also quite a few intended one-shots and another campaign that may be starting up with the new year.  These games don't meet often, unfortunately, but it is what we as a group have time for.  The current games that I am playing are a 4e fantasy romp, a Dice Chuckers pop-culture filled world-hopping game, and my own 1930's Noir/Fantasy game using a modified version of Dogs In The Vineyard.  I've also played primarily one-shot games of GURPs, Mutants and Masterminds, Wushu, FATE, Serenity, Kobolds Ate My Baby, and many others.

I hope that this blog can provide you with some ideas, hooks, and toys to add to your enjoyment of gaming! I'll be posting my first real article tomorrow which hopefully will help to set the tone for what I'm going for.

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